Frequently Asked Questions


Q.  If I do not join an organization, such as the YMHA, what is the cost of  a burial lot in the GTA if I choose to purchase at the "time of need"

A.  The cost of a burial lot is set by the individual cemetery owner - each  cemetery has different pricing structures..  As of March 2019, burial  lots range tend to range from $3200 to over $6000 per single lot.   Pricing can change, and is set by the cemetery owner.

Q. Do I really need to be a member of YMHA (or any other group to receive a burial lot)?

A. A burial lot must be purchased at the time of death (if it has not
been arranged/purchased in advance).  Members of YMHA receive a burial lot automatically at the time of death. 

Q. Can I reserve a section for my entire family to be buried together

A. While we do not accept lot reservations, we will always provide a
side by side lot at no charge for spouses.  We will work with families
to try to ensure that siblings and other family members are in close proximity, wherever possible.

Q. What is the average cost of a burial lot if I was to purchase one today and what would I pay if I was a member of YMHA?

A. YMHA does not typically sell burial lots (exceptions can be made for
families of current or past members).  The approximate cost to purchase a
lot and cement monument base (foundation) from a local cemetery is $5900.  There is
no cost to a YMHA member or the spouse of a member.

Q. Am I limited to using a specific funeral home to receive my YMHA burial lot?

A. No.  A funeral can be handled by any funeral home, with either a chapel or graveside service.  The choice is entirely yours

Q. My spouse is not Jewish, can I join the YMHA?

A. Yes, as a Jewish person you can join the YMHA, however your spouse will not be entitled to a burial lot

Q. My spouse is not Jewish, will a lot be provided

A. No, a burial lot can only be provided to a Jewish person

Q. Does YMHA cover the cost of the funeral?

A. No.  YMHA is not involved with the funeral arrangements, nor does the YMHA pay any portion of the funeral charges.

Q. What if I choose to stop paying my dues after many years of
membership - Do I still get a lot as I was a member for many years?

A. You must be a member, or the spouse of a member (or deceased member) at the time of death to receive a burial lot.

Q. What is the annual cost to the spouse of a deceased member to ensure that a lot is provided?

A. There is no membership fee once the member dies.  The spouse is automatically entitled to a plot upon their death.  

Q. Where is the YMHA cemetery located?

A.   The YMHA has three cemeteries within the GTA.  We are the  owner/operator of two cemeteries, and have interment rights at a third.   Our cemeteries are located at:

Mount Sinai Cemetery:
986 Wilson Avenue, Toronto
(Between Dufferin and Keele)

Roselawn Avenue Cemetery:
618 Roselawn Avenue, Toronto
(North of Eglinton, just East of Chaplin)

Pardes Chaim Cemetery
11818 Bathurst Street, Richmond Hill
(Between Gamble and Tower Hill)

Q. Does the YMHA charges HST

A.  Yes, all membership dues, initiation fees, and all other items are charged 13% HST in addition to any listed price.

Q. Are members guaranteed a burial lot at the cemetery of their choice?

A.  Mount Sinai Cemetery is the primary cemetery - all members are guaranteed a  lot at the Mount Sinai Cemetery.  Pardes Chaim cemetery can be requested,  at the time of need, reservations are not accepted - with the exception  of a side by side lot once a member, or the spouse of a member has  passed.  The Roselawn cemetery is full, with existing reservations for  any remaining lots.